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A common question on EEDI

A few weeks since EEDI and SEEMP was passed at IMO and one of the common non-technical questions on EEDI (which links to the waiver discussion as well) has been…

“Help – what do I do with existing vessels on order and what about new build before this new legislation comes into force on January 1, 2013.?”

I thought I would give you my personal view on a potential approach to this difficult question. (This is best viewed in full screen)


To end on some caveats – I do not know each individual companies’ view on risk, a decision to take risk mitigation action in relation to a mandatory instrument that has yet to enter into force is one consideration of many included in the risk evaluation before a vessel would be ordered or an ordering contract amended. This is a blog so the discussion is a general approach – unique situations would apply in all cases… oh and I am not qualified to advise on financial matters. Remembering the comment from Lloyd’s List  – is it commercial?

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