Technology transfer and shipping – the elephant in the room

At IMO MEPC 63 the term and challenge of ‘technology transfer’ emerged. IMO has undertaken substantial work on capacity building under its activities related to technical cooperation. The technology transfer discussion at IMO MEPC GHG discussion relates to two main themes: technology transfer as envisaged under UNFCCC; EEDI and SEEMP Regulation and its adoptio ... Read more.

A common question on EEDI

A few weeks since EEDI and SEEMP was passed at IMO and one of the common non-technical questions on EEDI (which links to the waiver discussion as well) has been… “Help – what do I do with existing vessels on order and what about new build before this new legislation comes into force on Ja ... Read more.


At the upcoming MEPC 62 key agenda items are EEDI and SEEMP. For industry insiders the twists and turns in the debate on EEDI (energy efficiency design index) and SEEMP (ship energy efficiency management plan) is hard enough to follow and you will be eagerly anticipating next week’s outcome. If you are not an ind ... Read more.

Entering un-chartered waters

After a week of ISO environmental standards negotiations and consensus building, next week I am going to take a back seat role. I will be listening and following the subtleties of MEPC developments at the IMO. I am specifically interested in the subtle and unvoiced shifts in position and influence that might indicate where i ... Read more.